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Messaging through Artistic Immersion

Engaging Storytellers

We work with artists, story tellers, and people who see the power of immersive arts to evoke change. We engage funders and the audience to move from being witnesses of despair and destruction, to being part of a global movement of action and impact, that starts with the individual. Through partnership with organisations and partners from around the world, ECHo creates direct experiences of what care should feel and look like: care for ourselves, care for each other and care for Our Earth.

We have worked with world class companies to design a theatrical evocation that provides an experience of the human family coming together to empower us all to save our common home and each other. This production was impacted by the COVID pandemic; however, it has given the team the experience of the power of the arts to enable new perspectives in thought and action.

*This is a collaboration with Balich Wonder Studios, Nathan East and other world class artists and storytellers.

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